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RING's second refugee family arrived in Canada May 29, 2018, after an exhausting flight from South Africa. Originally from the Democratic People's Republic of Congo, the young family consists of the parents and three delightful children – 2 girls and a boy, all under the age of 9. The family is already fluent in English, so integration into the community should be easier. The children are eager to start school, and the parents are considering whether to go for French immersion or not. The first few days will be spent getting paperwork in order – OHIP cards, social security numbers, banking, library cards, residency- all the things we take for granted, but which can be a bit overwhelming when you need to get them all at the same time

Unlike for our previous Syrian family, the government regulations have changed and the family is now expected to reimburse the government for the costs of travelling to Canada . While we have much of the funding for our year of committed support already in hand, we hope to do some additional fundraising to help with those travel costs so that they won't start their new life in Canada with a huge financial debt to be repaid. If you are interested in helping, please use the donate button.

I hope you will welcome the Monga family to Kemptville and wish them all the best as they get established in their new land.