Refugees in North Grenville is pleased to announce that we are about to embark on Phase II of our commitments. Our first family is now well settled in Kemptville and has become an integrated part of the community.

We have just received word that a second family has been approved and should be arriving in Kemptville within the next three months. This is a family from the Congo with three young children. Details are scarce at this point, but we understand that they all speak English already, so language will not be an issue.

Our finances are in good shape so we will not be doing much fundraising at this point. However we are looking for volunteers to top up our organizing teams as well as donations of furniture, household furnishings, children’s clothing and toys.

Our teams involve finances, housing, transportation, education, employment, orientation and social integration, documentation. If you are interested in contributing your talents and time in any of these, please let me know.