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  1. Read steps 2-4 below then click the Donate button.
  2. From the Featured Funds list under “Option 2”, highlight and select R.I.N.G (Refugees In North Grenville) Fund and click “Continue”.
  3. Fill in your contact and payment information and follow the prompts to submit your donation.
  4. Your income tax receipt will be e-mailed to you upon completion.



To furnish the accommodations for the new arrivals we need the following:

1 Double bed
3 Single beds
1 Blankets double
1 Blankets single
1 Bed linen double
3 Bed linen single
1 Chest of drawers (adult)
3 Chests of drawers (child)

1 Kitchen table big enough for 5
5-6 kitchen chairs
1 Sofa/loveseat
1 Living room chair
1 TV stand
1 TV
1 Computer

If you have any of the above items or know someone that does please e-mail